Frequently Asked Questions
What is FarmBracket?

FarmBracket is a simple and automated online farmers market where demand, purchase and supply of farm produce take place at short intervals of time.

In which countries does FarmBracket operate?

FarmBracket operates globally.

I am a farmer; how do I sell produce on FarmBracket?

Register with your agent and the daily marketing for your agent and FarmBracket.

Can I change an Agent once registered?

Yes if you found a better agent you can easily change your agent by calling our Customer Care Centre.

I am a farmer; how do I Register?

Farmers need to register through an agent.

I am a farmer; can I also be an agent?

Yes, as far as you have a minimum of 50 reliable farmers willing to register under you.

I want to become an agent but I don’t know what to do?

If you have a minimum of 50 reliable farmers, go to Make Money page and follow the guideline.

I am not ICT inclined. Can I still be an agent?

FarmBracket is a friendly site. You don’t need to be a guru before you become an agent. Just click on Make Money and follow the instructions.

I don’t know how to read and write. Can I still be an agent?

You need basic knowledge of how to read and write

I am an agent and I have been trying to update my farmers but is not showing up?

FarmBracket is automate. Once you have got the write digits, your listing pops up in the top sale segment

I want farmers produce to show through the week?

Go to produce availability and register the farmer through the days.

I bought produce and I am yet to receive them?

We kindly apologize for this, please call our Customer Care for further assistance.